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I hated my job and felt lost about what my purpose was. I would wake up to the grating sound of my alarm, roll over and groan about another monotonous day at work. The snooze button was hit several times before I could actually drag myself out of bed.

In addition to this, I had a chronic health condition which left me feeling low in energy, and in pain regularly. I was seeing a variety of doctors and practitioners without getting any satisfactory results. I was depressed-not deeply clinically depressed, but depressed to the point of not feeling like I was truly living a good life. I knew something had to change, but I wasn’t sure what. 

Back In The Year 2008 I was sick and tired of life.
I never felt like I had enough energy to do things-in fact I had forgotten what things I actually enjoyed doing. I was seeking a map to life but was still not sure where else to look.

I started listening to lots of podcasts from Hay House Radio which included influential figures from the New Thought Movement. People like Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Candice Pert, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer and many more.
I began exploring alternative ways of perceiving life and noticed that I began to feel a little happier. 

It was regularly mentioned on these podcasts that meditation is one thing I must be doing. I knew the science around it-the research that said it had a positive impact on our brain and overall happiness.
I Was Seeking A Road Map To Life...
But I never felt like I could be consistent enough. I found the guided meditations I tried went for too long. Sometimes I would commit, and other times my practice would totally drop off. This left me to feel like I had to start all over again next time I decided to commit to the practice.

Apart from anything else, I wasn’t exactly sure what my goal was with meditation. Feeling more calm didn’t seem to be the thing I was after-it was more that I wanted to feel more alive.

I kept listening to podcasts and learning as much as I could. In fact, I even took up new qualifications to become a yoga instructor and personal trainer as well as a Body Balance instructor

It was these kinds of practices and activities that really helped me feel more alive. This resulted in me transitioning from an unsatisfactory career in music to a more rewarding one in health and wellbeing

This changed my overall wellbeing and ability to feel positive about life in general.
I Wondered If Meditation Was REALLY The Answer..
"If You Want To Know The Secrets Of The Universe, Think Energy, Frequency And Vibration..." 
Nikola Tesla
It wasn’t until I began learning about frequency and vibration and the bodies Energy Field that all the pieces started to fall into place for me. You see, in the past, whenever I heard someone talking about things like ‘chakras’ and ‘auric field’, I always thought it was just an esoteric concept.

But then I went through my yoga teacher training and learned that Chakras actually have a physical component that correlates with key nerve bundles in our body which line up with the spine-well, this was a revelation to me! It was clear to me that indeed, our physical body is electromagnetic, and this electromagnetic field plays a part in our wellbeing. 
It was around this time that I discovered the Heartmath Institute. I learned about studies around the hearts electromagnetic resonance. I learned when our nervous system is in balance, our heart emits certain electromagnetic frequencies. This happens when we are in a state of deep calm and wellbeing. Not only that, but the human heart also synchronises with the electromagnetic field of the earth (the Schumann Resonance).

You could literally say when this occurs that we are in harmony with the earth!
Incredible idea, right?

This is why practices such as Forest Bathing have become popular. Amongst nature, our body is more able to absorb the healing frequencies of the earth and influence OUR electromagnetic field, which has a direct impact on our physical body. 
It became my mission as to how I could experience this deep sense of aliveness which is linked to the heartbeat of the earth when I was not able to get out into nature. I used tools such as Heart Rate Variability analysis which showed how ‘coherent’ my nervous system was when I meditated.

I used various psychological techniques to deliberately bring my brain and heart into a higher coherent state. This was all interesting, but I still felt like it was all just not simple enough. It required cumbersome technology that I had to hook up to so I could start meditating. So, I hit another wall…

......until it became apparent to me around my musings
about the possibility that there must be a point of connection between science and spirituality and that is:

The ONE THING that connects all cultures around the world is SOUND!

Every spiritual culture incorporates sound into their practices. Singing, chanting, chimes, music, singing bowls, didgeridoos, drums and more!

And what is sound, and how does it relate to the electromagnetic spectrum? Resonance! Vibration! Frequency!
"In The Beginning Was The Sound..." King James Bible
The Penny Finally Dropped!
I suddenly realised my old career in music and my new one of health and wellbeing collided and complimented each other perfectly!

And that's not all....Nature also emits sound! The Earth resonates at 7.83HZ.

"The Field Is The Sole Governing Agency of The Particle..." Einstein.
For example, the phenomena of cymatics shows how sound has a direct influence on sand and how it forms beautiful geometric shapes.
Sound Has Physical Implications...
But sound also excites the tiny structures within our cells. Charged particles are in every cell of our body and create electromagnetic fields when they vibrate. These fields transport the type of energy we call electromagnetic radiation or light.

Specific sounds have specific effects on our body and can be felt in different areas of our physicality. For example, when you vocalise the sound of err, it resonates in the lower part of our body. This correlates to your root chakra, the area around your tailbone.

By intentionally vocalising this sound, we impact the light within and around the first energy centre of the body-the first nerve plexus. This helps us to feel more grounded, more connected to the earth, less fear around life in general, and helps disperse over thinking and over analysing.

When I became open enough to really embrace these sounds, my meditation practice changed forever, and the level of self-empowerment I felt turned around 100%!!! 

There is no need to commit any more than 10 minutes a day to this practice to literally feel more centred, present and excited about life. It also gives you more capability to feel love for others and for life, plus opens up your creativity.

I Finally Found The Shift I Had Been Looking For....
But There Was One Problem.....
But, every time I found a guided meditation which included these sounds, they were steeped in the traditional cultural resonances of the Vedas. These drone-like sounds felt alien to me, and even a little scary!

So, with my musical background combined with my yoga and meditation background, I created my own guided sound meditations. These meditations call upon the listener to use their own voice at the same time as experiencing more western-styled music.

This music takes them on an internal cinematic journey which allows them to connect to an emotional realm. This helps them to be more open to these vocal sounds and therefore derive more benefit.

And Now I Want To Share Them With You...
Think this isn’t for you? Think you can't do it because you can't sing? WRONG! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can master the must-have skills to experience the deepest peace that you've ever felt.
You're just 7 days away!! 
DAY 1: Locate your energy centres which correlate to the bundle of nerves that run along side your spine. You’ll feel them with a your own voice combined with using the specific sounds which resonate in particular areas of your body.

Day 2: Learn proper breathing techniques so you can deepen your energy toning experience, and experience an elongated vocal tone for deep relaxation.

Day 3:  Try the first Energy Toning Meditation-a 10 minute exercise focusing on the first 3 energy centres which will help to release deep seated fear and help ground you plus release over thinking and over analysing.

Day 4: Try the Heart Energy Toning Meditation to release long standing emotions that no longer serve you and increase your ability to feel joy,

Day 5: Experience the Qigong 6 Healing Sounds to release grief, sadness, depression, anger, fear and anxiety, and understand how these emotions are processed in certain organs in our body.

Day 6: Learn how to put together your own customised Energy Toning Session using music of your choice tailored to your specific needs so you can focus on what is most relevant to you with your new found skills.

Day 7: Learn to move energy in your body in one breath and feel the vibrations more intensely...
Take your meditation to new heights in a shorter amount of time using nothing but the power of your own voice. No singing skills are required-only the willingness to make a sound and FEEL the vibrations correlating with specific parts of your body.

Be taken on an emotional journey through dream like soundscapes which tap deeply held tensions and release emotions that no longer serve you. Let your voice be the tool to transport your body and mind to another reality.

Vocalising sounds has been scientifically shown to Increase Nitric Oxide which helps to:
  • Lower inflammation in your body
  • Improve brain function
  • Release pain relieving endorphins and increase your happiness
  • Improve your breathing due to more conscious focus on the breath leading to a deeper oxygenation in the body
  • Activate the parasympathetic nervous system-one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate and increases intestinal and glandular activity.
When You Sign Up For The Challenge, Each Day You Will Be Sent A Task Which Takes No More Than 10 Minutes...
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P.S. Remember, this challenge could be life changing for you...want to be part of the movement of people who are able to FEEL their energy? START TODAY!!
Former Professional Musician
Body Balance Instructor, Bioenergetic Coach                 
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